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The urban evolution to the two-wheelers
The market of urban mobility in Europe is living a boom of two-wheelers on our roads, with significant increases in registrations year after year. Germany, Italy and France lead the sale of motorcycles, but it is surprising that Spain, next in this ranking, is the fastest growing of these four economies.
Potential continent
The rise of motorcycles in the old continent is not by chance. The good climate that prevails in most of its cities is one of the responsible, with a calendar full of sunny days; a road infrastructure with a modern layout and intelligently connected publics constructions; as well as the progressive evolution of its residents towards an urban, dynamic and technological lifestyle.
Zero emissions
Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Berlin or London already suffer restrictions in traffic as a measure against air pollution, to relieve urban roads or reducing excessive consumption of energy. From 2025 countries such as Norway and the Netherlands will ban the sale of new cars with petrol and diesel engines; in Germany will be in 2030 and in United Kingdom and France in 2040.
Boom of the e-Scooter
In Europe there is an ideal breeding ground that justifies the exponential increases in the sale of electric scooters. Spain has increased by 91.55% the registration of electric motorcycles and 167.66% of electric mopeds, a global increase of 128% with regard to the previous year. Electric scooters, vehicles specifically designed to move around the city, are here to stay.
Life in the Smart City
Defined as «projects that allow the implementation of modern, sustainable cities, with technological development and capable of providing their citizens with a better quality of life with an efficient and controlled consumption of resources», the Smart City concept becomes increasingly real and evident in European cities, where the electric motor is being a real encouragement.
So there is a real need to find alternative solutions to transport that lead us to adopt a new concept of mobility in cities, in which electric scooters are presented as the best possible solution.
How Scoomart Takes Shape

Conceived in the mind of a passionate of two-wheelers and encouraged in the hearts of a multidisciplinary group of professionals, SCOOMART has found the “fuel” to lead the race of urban electric mobility in Europe, with a transportation alternative that it will fill the cities with e-Scooter with a design, versatility and efficiency adapted 100% to the needs of its users.

For this purpose, several entities believe in our mission to fight against dependence on oil companies, to battle against the instability of fossil fuel prices and to boost confidence in renewable energies, minimizing pollution and ensuring sustainable long-term resources.

We are on the starting grid, with engines ready and with the focus on an achievable goal, turning the electric scooter into the real solution to intelligent mobility in cities.
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